Don Kirkegaard

Meade School District 46-1: School Board Members
Michael Isaacson (Sturgis) – term expires 2018
Corey Johnson (Sturgis) – term expires 2018
Joseph Urbaniak (Union Center) – term expires 2017
Charlie Wheeler (Piedmont) – term expires 2018

Our Mission
“To Build Knowledge and Skills for Success Today and Tomorrow”

Our Vision
“Meade School District will work in conjunction with its community to provide excellent academics and co-curricular activities that develop life-long learners and productive citizens.”

Our Beliefs
Every individual is a lifelong learner.
Learning requires a commitment from students teachers, administration, support staff, parents and the community.
The cornerstones of learning are integrity, empathy, responsibility, honesty, respect and accountability.
Every student has the right to a quality education and the responsibility to achieve it.
All students have the potential to be productive members of society.
The needs of students should be our first priority.
Diversity among people is to be valued.
People are our greatest resource.
Schools must provide a safe environment for teaching and learning.
Effective schools must have high expectations for students and staff.
Learning is enhanced by a positive and supportive environment that fosters creativity, self-confidence and success.
Students are capable of making decisions, with proper guidance, and are responsible for their own actions.
Our school system is accountable to our community.
Change is essential for growth and improvement.

Meade School District is accredited by North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement. This districtwide accreditation, the first in South Dakota, occurred in the Spring of 2007 and means that Meade School District and all its schools meet the high standards for a quality school system. Meade School District is also accredited by the South Dakota Department of Education.