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Kiara’s Best Self-Care Tips

Author: Kiara Poitra, Receptionist & Events Coordinator Self-care is a very important concept to most. And I totally agree. Taking care of not only your physical being, but your mental one as well can really make life worth living. I have done some research and come up with ten easy self-care tips that will help […]

Guest Blog: What Community Means To Me

Author: Richelle Bruch, Christians Team Keller Williams Realty Whenever I am asked what community means to me, I always give a one-word response: “Togetherness.” This is a word I feel can be defined in so many different ways; it allows for one’s own interpretation. “Togetherness” in a community can be seen at a Friday Night […]

March Activity Update

Author: Veronica Grosek Welcome to the first week of March (almost)! It seems like March is coming in like a lion, but our weather has a funny habit of changing its mind at the last minute this time of year, so I won’t place any wagers yet! As we continue daydreaming about days without two […]

Leap Year Facts You Need To Know!

Author: Kiara Poitra, Receptionist & Events Coordinator The Leap Year concept has always been a strange one to me. However, I’ve done some research and discovered it is needed so we can stay in sync with the Earth’s revolutions around the sun.  Throughout history, the Leap Year has been questioned – most especially, which month […]