What Does the Chamber do in our community?

Author: Veronica Grosek

Happy Thursday!

Have you ever wondered, “what does the Chamber do in our community?” You’re not alone! Chambers are often mysterious because they fulfill so many roles – many of which are behind-the-scenes. Our Chamber is also the Sturgis Visitors Bureau, so we have double the fun! We have a very clear mission: “The Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau advocates on behalf of its members and actively supports business, agriculture, and tourism resulting in an enhanced quality of place for the entire community.” What the public typically sees are our social media posts and newsletters, but we do SO much more to fulfill this mission. Here are a few highlights:

Community Outreach and Advocacy – We are your advocate to the City of Sturgis, the Meade County Commission, Sturgis Economic Development, the regional and state Tourism Association, our district legislators, and other entities that help govern and shape our community. If our membership is in need, we are here to listen, collect your opinions, and help you share your insight! We also create opportunities for you to meet each other and share your views through committees and activities.

Information Collection & Distribution – We collect news, updates, promo materials, and info about upcoming special offers, events, and job postings from our members. We do this by visiting your shops, calling to check-in, and emailing or mailing surveys and information requests. We then share this information far and wide (all day, every day!) by referrals, visitor packets, conversations with visitors at our Visitor Center, via email, via phone, on our website and social pages, and at local events and meetings! Our goal is to help our members SUCCEED! Community Events & “Quality of Place”  Chambers are traditionally organizers of a variety of community events. We do this because events enhance the “quality of place” in Sturgis – they make it a better place to live with more things to do! They also offer businesses a chance to network together and meet the community’s residents. Our Chamber is pleased to offer numerous retail, networking, and agriculture events, plus business showcases, educational activities, and festivals!
Included Member Benefits:

✔️ Website Directory Listing 
✔️ Official Sturgis Magazine Directory Listing
✔️ Social Media Sharing
✔️ Weekly e-Newsletter Listings (Promos, Events, Job Posts, Updates)
✔️ Visitor Center Brochure/Card/Coupon Distribution
✔️ Visitor Center Poster Display
✔️ Visitor Packet Brochure/Card/Coupon Distribution
✔️ Relocation Packet Brochure/Card/Coupon Distribution
✔️ Chamber Mixer and/or Ribbon Cutting Event
✔️ Committee Involvement (Ag, Retail)
✔️ 24/7 Conference Room Reservations
✔️ Committee Involvement (Ag, Retail)
✔️ B2B and B2C Referrals
✔️ Sturgis Visitor Map Listing (Within Map Area)
✔️ Chamber Event Business Participation
✔️ Chamber Event Booth Discounts

Add-On Member Benefits:

✔️ Membership Bulk Mailings ($100)
✔️ Printed Membership Mailing Labels ($60)
✔️ Customized e-Blasts ($40)
✔️ Official Sturgis Magazine Ads (Varies By Ad Size)
✔️ Website Ads (Coming Soon, Pricing TBD!)
✔️ Community Sponsorships (Varies By Event)

I hope this helps clarify who we are, what we do, and how you can better utilize your membership! If you want to learn more, stop by or give us a call. We are always looking to get to know our residents and businesses a little better while sharing our passion for commerce and tourism in Sturgis.

Veronica Grosek
Executive Director
Sturgis Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau