Veronica’s Best Ribbon Cutting Tips!

Author: Veronica Grosek

Hello, Sturgis!

2020 has brought quite a few headlines already. In keeping with this trend, we are expecting to host several official Chamber Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies for new businesses in the near future! This week I’ve compiled a shortlist of tips for those attending and hosting so you can make the most of the experience:

Ribbon Cutting Tips for Attendees:
Bring a gift! Creative gifts are a great way to welcome a new business to the community. If you run your own business, consider gifting something that is representative of what you do. This opens the door to a repeat customer and even collaboration on products, events, or services in the future! A gift helps reflect your appreciation for new business in the area and all of the hard work that has been poured into the new business.
Plan to socialize! At the heart of every Ribbon Cutting is the chance to socialize with new business owners and friends from around the community. Bring some business cards, wear a nametag, and prepare a few simple questions to get the ball rolling when talking to newcomers.
Invite your friends and colleagues! The best way to show support is by bringing more friends to connect with the new business owners. More attendees make for better photos and a more amiable, welcoming environment.
Join the photo! Ribbon Cutting photos are critical to a new business’s growth. The official photo will be distributed to the media, posted on social accounts, and most likely framed and placed in the business as a milestone reminder. The more people that join the photo to show support, the better!
Make referrals! After the ceremony, you have the chance to really make a positive impact on the new business through referrals. Try to send customers their way and recommend them to friends and family. Remember – “a rising tide lifts all boats!” Their success means success for you as well.

Chamber Ribbon Cutting Tips for a New Business:
Contact us! The very first and most critical step in hosting your Ribbon Cutting is, of course, to reach out to us! Click the button below to start this process.
Make it a party! This is your chance to officially meet the community. As such, you should plan to make the event as fun and welcoming as possible! Consider providing snacks, drinks, music, and decorations to keep attendees at your shop longer. The Ribbon Cutting itself is very quick, so it’s a good idea to try to think of ways to keep your crowd around!
Showcase your products and services! Since many fellow business owners and community leaders will be at this event, it is the perfect time to provide product samples, shop tours, and even a brief demonstration! Make sure they know who you are and what you do so they can help spread the word.
Prepare to speak! Preparing a short speech is critical to a Ribbon Cutting event. This lends the proceedings some additional decorum and is a great way for attendees to put a face to a name. Make sure to thank the attendees, investors, and partners, and also explain your business’s background, why you joined the Sturgis community and your plans for the future.
Invite your people! The most successful Ribbon Cutting events are the ones where you are surrounded by the people that helped you along the way. Be sure to invite as many friends and family as you can!

Our Chamber staff will help with many of the details – press releases, advertising, recruiting attendees, and of course the giant ribbon and scissors! This is a wonderful way to get to know the community and support local businesses. Click below or call us at (605) 347-2556 when you are ready to plan your Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

Veronica Grosek
Executive Director
Sturgis Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau