Welcome to the Chamber: Kiara’s First Month!

Author: Kiara Poitra, Receptionist & Events Coordinator

The first month here at the Sturgis Area Chamber as a Receptionist/Event Coordinator has been a success in my eyes! The things I have learned and the people I have met have been awesome!

My name is Kiara Poitra and I have lived in Sturgis for about 2 years now. I grew up in Belle Fourche, then after I had graduated high school, I moved here. When I first moved to Sturgis, I didn’t know much about the town, the people, or the events. As time went on, I learned more about the community, along with the wonderful things that came with it.

So far, I have helped plan some events that are coming up this holiday season, and I am very excited to see these cheerful community events take place. I am eager to assist in the planning process of upcoming events and plan for them to be as successful, or more so, as previous years. I aim to meet new smiling faces along the way and can’t wait for future events.

The greetings I have had in the past month have been very warming. I am very glad I have been given the opportunity to take this position. As the community grows, so does my knowledge, and I cannot wait to utilize the knowledge that is heading my way to assist people in making the Sturgis community thrive.


Kiara Poitra

Receptionist & Events Coordinator

Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau