The Importance of Being Active in the Community

Author: Kiara Poitra, Receptionist & Events Coordinator

Many people skip out on community involvement because they do not believe they have the time or money to stay active in the community. Little do they know that community involvement can do more for their business than they think. Being active in the community can benefit a business by fostering customer relationships, and help build neighborhood trust. It also can increase staff morale.

Most businesses join their local Chamber of Commerce as their first step to helping them get involved in the community. Chambers usually create the perfect environment for businesses to network with other businesses in the community. Instead of thinking of other businesses as competition, the Chamber helps them to learn from each other and stay updated on the changes and events in town. This U.S. Chamber of Commerce article reports that when a business becomes a Chamber Member, consumers are 49% more likely to visit that business, as well as they are 80% more likely to purchase items there. The Chamber helps increase a business’s customer loyalty.

Many businesses go to the local high school to market their business and help support the community. Many of the sports teams look for businesses for sponsors to help pay for their buses, uniforms and tournament fees. In return, the team then places the business logo in their programs (along with other things depending on the amount of sponsorship) which get noticed by hundreds of people at the games and events. Students along with parents notice these sponsorships, and are grateful for the people in the community who help make the dreams of the kids possible. In return, they will stop into your business and support the business the way they have with their children.

There are other ways to support your community rather than donating money. An effective way to be active in your community is to involve your staff and your time. If you take your staff out to lunch at a locally owned restaurant, or volunteer once a week, be sure to post it on social media so your customers know that you are being active and supporting your fellow local businesses. Showing your customers that you care for your community and employees is very important when it comes to fostering loyalty.

While on social media, be sure to mention the business you are at, and give them some time to shine! It benefits multiple parties when businesses interact with one another. It’s always good to give as much information as you can about events that are happening around town. The internet is the perfect place for friendly businesses to correspond with each other. More than likely they will return the favor when your business is having an event.

In conclusion, when your community thrives, so does your business. There are many pros compared to cons when one gets involved in their community.


Kiara Poitra

Receptionist & Events Coordinator

Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau