Kiara’s Take: Volunteering vs. Donating Money

Author: Kiara Poitra, Receptionist & Events Coordinator

When it comes to volunteering versus donating money, it all comes down to whether you have time or money. Contributing and taking initiative within a good organization is no different. Anyone with a considerate heart will eventually ask themselves whether it is better to give to charity or volunteer their time. 

And the easy answer is, if you have the time but not the money, then give your time to volunteer. But if you have to money and not the time, then donate. There are many factors to consider as well. Both options have benefits on a personal and larger scale. 

Giving to charity is ideal for people with little to no time, and it is easier as well as faster than ever. Most of the time it is something as easy as donating online, which only takes seconds to accomplish. And one can do a lot of research online to make sure that they are donating to a cause they believe in. Even though watching things from a distance might not feel as meaningful as experiencing the action, donating money can be just as helpful to an organization. 

Knowing exactly what happens to your donation is one of the issues people have when they decide to give. Even if one does enough research and finds reputable organizations, there is always the factor of trust when someone hands over some money. 

When volunteering and helping a project reach success, it’s a lot clearer. When someone is getting hands on, they see how that money is getting used and the direct benefit it has. 

Contributing one’s time can be a huge help to a charitable cause, and by doing so one can make a sustainable impact. One of the best things about giving your time, is that volunteer projects can range from short to long term. They can even be combined with holidays, so a person can commit for the amount of time that best suits them. Another perk is that volunteering goes both ways. When someone gives their time where it really counts, it can help one reach their own career or personal goals through the benefit of that experience. The skills a person can get from volunteering along with the life changing effect of making a real impact could inspire someone to pursue a career in that field, which allows someone to make an even greater contribution. 

In conclusion, I personally think that if a person has time to do both, that is best. Because, if someone donates money to an organization and then gets curious as to what their money goes towards, they can also volunteer their time to get the hands on experience of the cause they are helping. But as we know, not everyone has the time or money to do both. But, I do believe that every little bit counts. So whichever way of contributing works best for you, do it!

Kiara Poitra

Receptionist & Events Coordinator

Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau