10 Winter Activities around the Black Hills

Author: Kiara Poitra, Receptionist & Events Coordinator

Many people may think that winter is a slow, and boring time of the year. Many even get cabin fever. That is the case if you don’t have a clue what kind of activities there are! Here in the Black Hills, there are so many fun and amazing things to do during the winter season. I have listed 10 of these incredible activities for you!

  1. Downhill skiing. There are some great slopes in the Black Hills, including Terry Peak and Deer Mountain. In the Black Hills, the only skiing you’ll find is cross-country.
  2. Snowmobiling. This is an activity that can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere in the state. In the Black Hills on the state’s west side, there is a fantastic system of scenic trails that snowmobilers can spend days exploring.
  3. Cross-country skiing. There are some great trails in South Dakota’s state parks!
  4. Snow-shoeing. A great alternative to cross-country skiing that can be done in most of the same places.
  5. Getting away and holing up. The Black Hills is known mostly as a summertime destination, but here’s a great secret: During the winter, many of the cabins and lodges in the Hills reduce their rates in an effort to fill their rooms. Especially for couples, the Hills in winter is a great and affordable getaway.
  6. Ice Skating. There are many different ice skating rinks around the wonderful communities in the Black Hills. They even have walkers for people like me, who would definitely fall within the first stride!
  7. Snow-fort building. This is a nice change of pace when you and your kids get tired of No. 5. With this option, the possibilities are endless!
  8. Sledding. Here in the Black Hills, there are plenty of fun places to go sledding! You just have to run around and find what you think is the best hill for your sledding fun.
  9. Ice fishing. Ice fishing has always been a good activity in the winter here in South Dakota. Drive by any thickly frozen lake or even river in South Dakota from mid- to late-winter, and you’ll see shacks out on the ice.
  10. Seeing the sights. The Badlands take on snow, providing a different yet equally beautiful scene for visitors. Top attractions such as Mount Rushmore remain open, but with nowhere near the congestion that’s so common during the summer months. So, if you can take the cold, or if you happen to catch a run of mild weather sometime during the winter, you can have an enjoyable day trip or mini-vacation just going to some of the places you would otherwise visit during the summer.

All of these activities aren’t just in the beautiful Black Hills, they are all over the state. They may sound fun, but you won’t know until you try it! So get rid of that cabin fever and go out and enjoy the snow while we still have it!

Kiara Poitra
Receptionist & Events Coordinator
Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau