How To: Create a Thriving Farmers Market

Author: Veronica Grosek

Happy Wednesday!

Today I would like to spend a couple minutes on the topic of our local farmer’s market. Does Sturgis have one? Yes! Does it continue through the winter months? YES! Is it happening this Saturday? It is!

Now let’s be honest.

If you have been to the market, you’ve noticed that there are usually a handful of vendors and not a lot of foot traffic. We, and most markets in small towns, have a chicken-and-the-egg situation on our hands:  Vendors aren’t interested in attending every market because they see that there is little traffic, and shoppers aren’t interested in visiting the market because they see there are few vendors.

Why am I laying all of this out?

Because we are 100% capable of hosting an AMAZING market in Sturgis: 1. We have more than enough vendors in our contact list that have attended at least one market.

2. We are centrally-located in the Black Hills and can draw shoppers from Rapid City, Spearfish, Deadwood, Lead, Piedmont, etc.

3. We have a great shopper base right here in Sturgis! 

So how can we harness this power?

All we need is for all of the vendors that have sporadically attended a market or two over the past few months to attend our upcoming market at the same time. If we can secure this commitment, we will have a long list of vendors and happy shoppers! Then repeat, and repeat, and presto – successful Sturgis market for perpetuity, more community tax revenue, more support for local crafts and produce, more town camaraderie!

Vendors and shoppers, please join us in committing to a well-attended Indoor Winter Market this Saturday. The booth fee is only $10 and helps us promote the market. Please commit to showing up and having a booth. Citizens of Sturgis and the Black Hills, commit to shopping, even just for a few minutes. Let’s put Sturgis on the market map and offer more to our community!


Veronica Grosek

Executive Director

Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau