Sturgis, South Dakota. A town of rich history, warm invites, and the alluring mom-and-pop quality. A town very rare in many ways. With 6,700 residents, you will be delighted and curious to meet the people here. There are the avid hikers and bikers taking full advantage of the trails in the Black Hills. Then, there are the ranchers and farmers making use of the open prairie that life has blessed us with. The distinctiveness of this town will amaze you.

Sturgis is home to the annual motorcycle rally, bringing in, on average, 500,000 visitors each year for the event. But aside from the rumble, vendors, and leather, this town is more enticing and picturesque than a 1930’s Harley Davidson Motorcycle. We’re in between the rolling Black Hills and the prairie – making Sturgis as diverse as it gets.

We strive for success in the future and commemorate the past – all while maintaining the well-being of the community in the present. We take pride in our residents and look forward to meeting new visitors that come to our small, but mighty, hometown. As for the returning guests – we appreciate you. Come scope out the incredible things we have to offer – I promise you won’t be disappointed.

– Alexis Nasser, Executive Director

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