Government Relations

Your connection and advocate

We are your business advocate to the City of Sturgis, the Meade County Commission, and our district legislators. In addition, we work closely with Sturgis Economic Development and our regional and state tourism associations. Together, each of these entities helps to govern and shape our community - and that is exactly why we form close bonds with them on your behalf! If our membership is in need, we are here to listen, collect your opinions, and help you share your insight for the good of all. We also create opportunities for you to meet each other and share your views through committees and activities.

Member businesses have the opportunity to meet district legislators at our annual Crackerbarrel events in February in March. This is an ideal chance to voice your opinions and ask questions about legislative matters that are important to you and your business. In addition, the Chamber hosts several election forums each year. These may be for Mayoral elections, City Council elections, School Board elections, or others. We work hard to provide an open and welcome public setting to share information and help make informed decisions about our elected officials.

Visit our Elected Officials page to view contact information about each of our municipal, county, and district officials. Visit our Legislative Agendas page for highlights from the most recent South Dakota legislative session, and links to municipal and county information.