Legislative Agendas

Issues that matter to you and your business.

Each year, our municipal, county, and district elected officials work closely together on a variety of issues important to local residents and businesses. Recent local issues have included municipal taxes, annexations, developments, and events. At the county and district levels, critical issues have recently included infrastructure, human rights, and economic growth. These are just a few broad topics that are covered from year to year, and it is important to have a voice to help guide our representatives.

The Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau tracks these issues closely to fulfill our Mission: 

The Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau advocates on behalf
of its members and actively supports business, agriculture, and tourism resulting in an enhanced
quality of place for the entire community.

2021 Legislative Crackerbarrels

In 2021, we hosted two Legislative Crackerbarrels - Saturday, February 6th and Saturday, March 6th from 9 AM to 11 AM in the County Commission room on the second floor of the Meade County Erskine Office at 1300 Sherman Street in Sturgis.

Legislators in attendance included District 29 Representatives Kirk Chaffee and Dean Wink, as well as District 29 Senator Gary Cammack. Stay tuned for details on our 2022 Crackerbarrels early next year! The public is always encouraged to attend these events and ask questions about the upcoming Legislative Session.

Featured 2021 Bills

Business & Community

Insurance Industry

  • HB 1001 - Correct technical errors in statutory cross-references regarding insurance.
  • HB 1003 - Revise certain provisions regarding credit for reinsurance.

Real Estate Industry

  • HB 1002 - Revise certain provisions regarding fingerprint-based background checks for the Real Estate Commission and the appraiser certification program.

Medical & Wellness Industry

  • HB 1004 - Repeal the registration requirement for medical assistants.
  • HB 1005 - Repeal the emergency medical technician-student status license requirement.
  • HB 1006 - Revise certain provisions regarding the practice of chiropractic.
  • HB 1016 - Revise the structure and certain fees of the Board of Barber Examiners, the Board of Massage Therapy, and the Cosmetology Commission.
  • HB 1073 - Authorize dentists to void certain contract terms with insurers.
  • SB 96 - Revise certain provisions regarding the use of telehealth technologies.

Construction & Maintenance Industry

  • HB 1009 - Revise certain provisions regarding the licensing of electricians and electrical contractors.
  • HB 1010 - Revise the renewal date and maximum renewal fee of certain licenses issued by the plumbing commission.
  • HB 1037 - Authorize the increase of certain fees by the State Electrical Commission.

Mining & Resources Industry

  • HB 1029 - Require a permit to conduct mining operations for certain ore milling facilities.

Nonprofit Sector

  • HB 1079 - Limit certain actions that may be taken by the executive branch relative to charitable organizations or charitable trusts.
  • HB 1090 - Modify certain requirements for domestic not-for-profit corporations.
  • SB 103 - Provide for the confidentiality of personal information of persons affiliated with nonprofit corporations and to provide a penalty therefor.
  • SB 108 - Revise certain provisions related to cooperatives.

Retail & Restaurant Industry

  • SB 104 - Reduce the rate of sales tax on certain food.
  • SB 107 - Ease regulations related to mobile food service establishments.
  • SCR 604 - Supporting trade negotiations to remove barriers to country of origin labelling.
  • SB 110 - Revise certain provisions for authorizing wholesalers to purchase alcoholic beverages.


  • HB 1038 - Make an appropriation from the coordinated natural resources conservation fund to the State Conservation Commission and declare an emergency.
  • HB 1039 - Make an appropriation for costs related to suppression of wildfires in the state and to declare an emergency.
  • HB 1040 - Make an appropriation to fund certain small meat processor grants and to declare an emergency.
  • HB 1042 - Revise certain provisions regarding riparian buffer strips
  • SB 35 - Make an appropriation to implement provisions concerning the legalization, regulation, and taxation of marijuana, and to declare an emergency.
  • SB 52 - Revise the permit duration on certain concentrated animal feeding operations.

Tourism & Recreation

  • HB 1034 - Revise certain youth hunting requirements.
  • HB 1035 - Remove the locking seal requirement for the transportation of big game animals.
  • HB 1047 - Provide limited deer and antelope licenses to landowners.
  • HB 1085 - Redefine the criteria for classifying land as agricultural for tax purposes.
  • HB 1087 - Authorize the use of crossbows by certain hunters.
  • SB 44 - Authorize, regulate, and tax wagering on sporting events within the city limits of Deadwood.
  • SB 54 - Make an appropriation to build a bison visitors center in Custer State Park and to declare an emergency.


  • HB 1046 - Limit liability for certain exposures to COVID-19.\
  • HB 1060 - Direct certain persons to notify funeral directors of communicable diseases or conditions.
  • SB 3 - Repeal certain sunset provisions regarding contagious disease control and enforcement.


2021 Legislative Bills

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