10:30AM: Foothills Community Church Sunday Morning Worship

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Foothills Community Church

3501 Avalanche Rd
(605) 515-1414

  • Sunday School | 9am
  • Sunday Morning Worship | 10:30am

Foothills Community Church is a community of God’s people, saved by faith in Christ alone, renewed by worship in Word and Sacrament, nurtured by grace, and entrusted with the mission to proclaim Christ’s Lordship to all and in every area of life. We do not exist for ourselves but for Jesus Christ, the one who loved us and gave his life for us. Because we have been so loved by Christ, we believe that our mission as a church is to worship Christ and love others as we have been loved by him. Through Christ’s love and mercy, we believe that we have been called to a ministry that visibly displays “faith working through love.”

Our worship services are organized to celebrate the glory of the triune God revealed in the gospel of his Son, Jesus Christ. We place a high priority on congregational singing, using Songs and Hymns from the Trinity Hymnal, and newer compositions from Keith Getty, Stuart Townend, Indelible Grace and other excellent groups. Our Songs and Hymns are sound in their content, excellent in their composition and are able to be sung by all ages.

Our worship is joyful, Christ-centered and Biblical. Our philosophy of ministry allows us to edify those new to the Christian faith and those who have believed for many years. In our worship we seek to minister to all ages. We have a fully staffed nursery for the youngest. We encourage our children to worship with their families and we seek to make them active participants in our worship, and we also offer children’s church during the service for children ages 4-7.

When you join us for worship, you will find a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, where we present Biblical truth in a way that is relevant for today.

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