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I’ve been doing massage since 1997 (26 years) and I specialize in neuromuscular therapy but offer other types of massage. (Sports, correctional therapy, lymphatic work, myofascial release, pre-natal, fibromyalgia and Swe-Thai massage). My work is basically tailored to what the client needs. I am also a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. (E-RYT) I’ve been teaching yoga for 11 years with over 1500 hours of classes. 

Lead yoga instructor and massage therapist Michelle Lane leverages extensive experience in neuromuscular therapy to help others experience relief and prevent injury by understanding the benefits of body mechanics, massage and yoga as it relates to health and overall self care. About bodies is located in Sturgis, South Dakota.

Whether you’re looking for pain relief or relaxation, about bodies‘ approach to massage is very therapeutic and can benefit the body in numerous ways.  

Michelle Lane has been practicing massage therapy since 1997.  Additionally, her background in neuromuscular therapy is especially helpful to those that may be experiencing pain or discomfort due to injury or poor body mechanics.

Neuromuscular Therapist (NMT), also know as trigger point myo-therapy, is a type of massage therapy that focuses on putting pressure on specific myofascial points on your body to relieve the pain. This type of massage is performed by an NMT who is educated in the nervous system and how it affects muscles. NMT focuses on pinpointing precise locations on your body that are causing pain. It is often the ideal treatment if you have pain from a sports injury, auto accident, bad posture, and painful, stiff trouble spots in your body. NMT relieves chronic patterns of tension and helps with muscle injuries.

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