Paula Rae Studio

I am an abstract artist in western SD working with acrylic and inks to create art with vibrant colors, compelling interest, and flowing movement.

About Paula Rae Studio

As a Black Hills abstract artist, I live with forested mountains, waterfalls and rushing rivers, cathedral spires of granite and crystal caves. From the magical, mystical Badlands in the east to Devils Tower in the west - nature abounds!

I’ve always loved and used color and flowing movement to create warm comfort and gentle energy in my home. It’s no surprise that when I shifted from watercolor to begin experimenting with acrylics, I discovered fluid acrylic painting, and a style that continues to add warmth and gentle energy to a room.

Joy and passion are evident as I expand and enhance a microcosm of nature into a stunning interpretation of bold color, elegant movement, and raw emotional connection. Joining aspects of wind, water, earth, and fire with intention and intuition, I move with the paint, sharing emotions and the vibration of colors to touch spirit and soul.

My objective is to engage the viewer - arouse curiosity and delight in finding fascinating surprises and new aspects of the painting with each viewing.

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  • Fine Art
  • Original Art
  • Acrylic Painting
  • Pour Art
  • Abstract Painting
  • Multimedia Artwork


Paula's work will draw you in with amazing color and lots of movement. Check it out!!

Nice work, Paula! I enjoyed your photos.