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In many cultures, Dragonflies represent an illusion, and many stories have been passed down throughout the world. Often Dragonfly was once Dragon and through varying nefarious means is tricked by another into transforming. The entrapment is often so clear to the storytellers’ audience, but Dragon’s ego and overconfidence allow any dangers to be dismissed. The shadow of deception is clearly cast by the trickster. Exposing this vulnerability the Dragon is easily ensnared within the very illusion used to demonstrate omnipotence.​

So often in life, we mimic the story of the Dragonfly. Like Dragon the end result is unintentional. However, as life ebbs and flows, we tangle ourselves in illusions, neglecting the inner self, the spiritual self.​​

​Using the healing energies, we will work together to begin the journey back. Mapping a path, whether through mindfulness, spiritual guidance, or choosing a belief system. Perhaps all of these modalities will be used, allowing you to ground into who you truly are in the moment and what that means as you move forward in your life.​

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  • Personalized Mindfulness Plan
  • Death & Dying Doula Services
  • Energy Healing
  • Discovering A Spiritual Path
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Discovering A Spiritual Path