Sturgis Police Department

About Sturgis Police Department

It is the mission of the Sturgis Police Department to provide the citizens of Sturgis and its guests with the highest level of law enforcement services.  This will be accomplished with an unmatched level of honesty, integrity, and respect.  Through education, partnerships with the community, and enforcement, the police department will work to reduce crime and build relationships with the community.


Perception:  We will continually improve the public’s perception of the community’s safety by being involved in the organizations and events within the City of Sturgis.  We will stimulate, develop, and support the collaborative efforts between the police department and the city.

Efficiency: We strive to be always evolving to improve our efficiency.  We will consistently train and update our standard procedures, innovative topics in modern policing, develop professional relationships, explore alternative solutions, and new ways to solve problems. 


Teamwork:  We will work together to carry the mission statement of the Sturgis Police Department with us into the community. 

We will at all times conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards to ensure public confidence and to establish ourselves as role models within the city of Sturgis.  

The police and community working closer together, through efforts of education, awareness, and cooperation, can and will make a more safe community.

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