Twisted Canyon CrossFit

About Twisted Canyon CrossFit

Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program. We merge together weightlifing, endurance training, and gymnastics.  The best part about CrossFit is you are constantly making goals and achieving them. CrossFit is creative, fun, and productive. We want you to be part of this awesome community that encourages and pushes you as well as celebrates your successes with you!

Twisted Canyon Crossfit is a perfect fit for anyone. If you're out of shape or have only been training sporadically, do not fear. We specifically modify to your abilities and needs while introducing you to the basics of CrossFit. We focus on proper technique during every movement and build your cardio endurance while doing it. 

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Very welcoming and fun atmosphere!

Awesome people here! Great instructors!

Dropped into Twisted Canyon CrossFit twice this week and got a great workout and enjoyed the nicely equipped gym. Coaches very helpful and knowledgeable. Felt very welcomed by everybody. Definitely recommend TCCF if you need a nice, clean place to get your fitness on!

The coaches set up and offered classes at the Buffalo Chip this year during the rally and I am so glad I was able to attend. Coming from someone who has never attended a CrossFit class in my life, they were exceptionally helpful! I was able to learn (after asking multiple questions during every workout) and get in a great workout thanks to their awesome team. I was never worried I wasn't doing something correctly or in bad form because these guys are top notch when it comes to explaining things. Thanks for the butt-kicking workouts and laughs this week! You guys rock!

The BEST gym, hands down! They have the friendliest people, super informative and helpful coaches! You feel so welcomed, and not intimidated! Great experience.