Western Resources for Independent Living

Western Resources For Independent Living is a center for independent living for the disabled and elderly. Our work is guided by our mission, purpose, and values statements.

About Western Resources for Independent Living

At  Western Resources for Independent Living (WRIL) we believe people with disabilities and the elderly deserve to live as independently as they choose within their homes and communities and as a local, 501c3 non-profit, we have many different programs to help with independence.

Independent  living is about being in control of your own life, taking  responsibility for your actions, taking risks, and either failing or succeeding on your own terms. It means participating in community life and pursuing activities based entirely upon self-determined interests  and preferences. To support these goals, Western Resources for Independent Living helps individuals of all ages with all types of disabilities to obtain whatever services they need to preserve their  right to choose, and to fully and equally participate in society.

Each year, our Independent Living staff provides direct services to  approximately 553 people with disabilities in 17 counties. The staff is responsible to travel western South Dakota which runs approximately 263  miles east and west and approximately 250 miles north and south which  covers 30,540 square miles bordering North Dakota, Wyoming, and  Nebraska. Our Independent Living Specialists serve Butte, Custer, Fall  River, Haakon, Harding, Hughes, Jackson, Jones, Lawrence, Lyman, Meade,  Mellette, Pennington, Perkins, Stanley, Sully, and Tripp counties and have three office locations (Pierre, Rapid City, and Spearfish) in South  Dakota.

As an organization founded by people with disabilities in 1987, WRIL understands the challenges faced by people with disabilities. This motivates us to achieve immediate and long-term solutions by assisting individuals with finding affordable and accessible housing, equipping a home with assistive technologies, or enhancing independent living skills. 


We assist people of all ages and disabilities on their path to lifelong independence.  
Purpose: We believe all people deserve to live as independently as they choose within their communities.  


Our work will be guided by our beliefs and commitment to:

  • Community: We endeavor to educate community members to better support our purpose

  • Empowerment: We empower people to acquire the knowledge, tools, and information needed to experience a life of independence and self-will.  

  • Excellence: We build on our accomplishments to continuously exceed expectations, and are committed to quality.
  • Inclusiveness: We respect people and value diversity.  
  • Integrity: We  conduct ourselves with the highest standards of professional behavior  while staying transparent, honest, and ethical in all interactions.

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  • Disability Resources
  • Peer Support Groups
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