7 of Veronica’s Favorite FREE Online Business Tools

Happy Friday!

In lieu of a letter this week, I've decided to share some of my most-used, simple, and free online tools for day-to-day business. Check them out and have a wonderful weekend!

7 of Veronica's Favorite FREE Online Business Tools


Google Forms 

If you have a Google account but you're not using Google Forms, you should be! You can easily create surveys, sign-up forms, and feedback questionnaires for any topic with a shareable link. Google Forms is free, and there is no excess clutter or upgrade packages to bog you down. View our sample form here or create your own.


LingoJam Fancy Text Generator

LingoJam is a fun tool that will convert any text into a fancy text that will show up in your social media posts. Simply paste or type your text into the provided input box, then select the font you want it to show up as. Copy and paste this fancy text into your post on Facebook. Your posts will easily stand out in the newsfeed scroll with this simple trick!


UnsplashPexelsPixabay, & Gratisography
Each of these sites is great for finding free stock photography for your website, social posts, printed materials, and more. You can edit the images however you see fit and use them as much as you want. They have thousands of free professional photos to choose from, all you need to do is search and download!


PDFescape Form Filler
This tool comes in handy if you have a PDF registration form or survey that you would like to allow people to fill out by typing their answers onto the document instead of printing and writing by hand. Upload your document in PDF form, then click and drag the form fields over the applicable sections and download the finished version to enable type-to-enter answers.


Remove Background
Have you ever noticed how unprofessional it looks to have a logo with a boxy white background placed on a colored web page or document? This tool is an incredibly easy solution for removing backgrounds from any image! Simply upload your image and the tool will automatically remove the background for download. If you need to fine-tune it, you can edit it with a brush tool.


PDF to JPG Combine PDF
PDF to JPG will turn your PDF into a JPG image that will attach to any social media post for easy visibility while scrolling. This is great for posters and flyers. Combine PDF lets you upload multiple different PDF documents and combine them into one PDF for easy linking or attachment to emails.


Bit.ly Link Management
Bit.ly is a link management tool that helps you shorten and customize your links, as well as track link clicks. For example, you may want to paste a URL in a social media post, but the URL is way too long and cumbersome. Open your Bit.ly, click "create," paste your long URL, and customize it to anything you wish. Presto! Your link takes up less space and you can now track your clicks.


Veronica Grosek
Executive Director
Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce
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