Black Hills Winter Fun!

Many people think that there is nothing to do in the Black Hills area once the snowflakes touch the ground. But they are wrong! There are plenty of fun activities to do around the Black Hills, especially once the temperature drops. Let me tell you about some:


Ice Fishing is a perfect activity for all ages! The Black Hills have plenty of areas to offer when it comes to ice fishing. Ice fishing is allowed on all lakes of the Black Hills National Forest! Here is a list of those lakes: 


Ice Skating is another wonderful activity for anyone of any age! Did you know that ice skating is allowed on all Black Hills National Forest lakes? Me neither! See all Black Hills National Forest lakes in the Ice Fishing section of this blog. 


Snowmobiling is a popular activity to do here in the Black Hills once the snow hits. There are only certain trails that allow snowmobiles in the Black Hills National Forest. The network of trails meanders through pine forests, canyons, and meadows. Don't worry, there are places to stop and get fuel for both your vehicle and yourself! You can get out and have some fun in the snow anytime between December 15th and March 31st (since this is snowmobiling season for the Black Hills). Here is a list of snowmobiling areas in the Black Hills: 


Snowboarding is another popular winter activity to do in the Black Hills. There are many places to snowboard in the Black Hills area, but the most popular place is Terry Peak. Terry Peak is a mountain that is popular with locals and visitors alike. The mountain has 365 miles of marked and groomed trails for all to enjoy for the season! 


Skiing/Cross-Country Skiing/Snowshoeing are some of the more popular things to do in the Black Hills area during the winter months. There are quite a few trails within the Black Hills National Forest that allow all three activities. Here is a list of the hiking trails that are open to skiers and snowshoers:


Fat Tire Biking is a great way to explore the Black Hills National Forest when it is at is most beautiful. There are many trails in the BH National Forest that allow you to experience the wilderness when it is at its quietest. Some of you may be wondering what a fat bike is, or how it is different from a regular bike. The answer is simple, it has big tires! Fat bikes have oversized tires and low ground pressure, which allows the rider to ride off-road surfaces (such as snow) with ease. Here is a list of some fat bike trails in the Northern Hills

  • Deadman Trail
  • Iron Creek/Red Lake Trail
  • Higgins Gulch
  • Big Hill


Scenic Drives are perfect for those that prefer something a little warmer. The beauty of the Black Hills can definitely be enjoyed from the nice and warm comfort of your car. Spearfish Canyon is the perfect sight to see, all year round! Another great scenic route is Vanocker Canyon, just south of Sturgis. 


Geocaching is a wonderful (and free!!) adventure that can easily be turned into a treasure hunt. The Black Hills offer thousands of hidden caches in each community. Some are easy, and others bring a little more challenge to your search. Geocaching is a great family-friendly adventure. This activity does require a GPS or smartphone device. Click the link below for a list of cache coordinates and information: 

Find Me Cache Locations


There are always new and exciting things to do in the Black Hills. Try and stay up to date with us by following us on social media (click the links below)! Thank you for reading, and see you next time! 





Kiara Poitra

Receptionist & Events Coordinator

Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau