How To: Attend Your First Legislative Crackerbarrel

Good afternoon!

It seems like the freezing weather will never end, but we have Chamber events all season to keep you active and keep your mind off the cold! 

One of these events is coming up this Saturday, March 2nd – our second and final 2019 Sturgis Legislative Crackerbarrel. If you’ve never been to a Crackerbarrel before, don’t worry – I hadn’t, either! Our first one in February was well-attended and extremely informative.

Here’s the Crackerbarrel break-down for first-time attendees:

1. Show up! 
Crackerbarrels are platforms to provide information and answer questions about the legislative topics that matter to you as an individual, or as a member of a larger group. Click here to view a list of 2019 bills currently being discussed in our SD legislative session. You are not required to ask questions or participate in any way – just observing is fine!

2. Meet your legislators! 
The best part about attending a Crackerbarrel is that you get to meet your district legislators face-to-face. The environment is casual and upbeat, a bit like visiting a good friend. Sturgis is located in District 29, but if you’re not in the Sturgis area you can look up your own legislators by clicking here.

3. Ask questions and provide input!
After you’ve reviewed the current bills and met your legislators, it’s time to start asking questions and let them know where you and/or your group stand. This step is vital – speaking up and communicating ideas is how we make positive change! Be sure to bring a list of any important questions or topics you want to have a discussion about. Your questions can be as general or detailed as you wish.

That’s it! Political events can be intimidating, but a Crackerbarrel is truly an informal and friendly way to get your foot in the door, meet our local politicians, and be heard. This Saturday will be my second Crackerbarrel, and I’m looking forward to it! Hope to see some new faces!


Veronica Grosek

Executive Director

Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau