Matea’s Summer Internship

What’s the best thing to do in Sturgis?

How do I get to Devils Tower?

Do you know the phone number for McDonald’s?

All of these were questions I was asked while working at the Chamber this summer, and each time someone would come in the door or call you would never know what to expect or what they would ask.  I really enjoyed this about my internship because each day would bring something new.

While at the Chamber I have helped create Member Spotlights, worked on updating our new website, answered phone calls, and took over Instagram for a day. Being able to do all of these things I have grown my skills and learned so much.

I have learned there is more to Sturgis than just motorcycles; we have so many great members and businesses in town. Everyone in the community is very supportive and is working to make the community better.

My favorite thing about working at the Chamber was taking over Instagram because I was able to be creative and got to tour around town. I also really enjoyed all the people I worked with - we would always have so much fun and would always be telling stories! Overall, working at the chamber was very fun and interesting and made summer super enjoyable.



Matea Gordon
Summer Chamber Intern & Volunteer