Meet Taylor!


My name is Taylor VanDerSys and I just started at the Sturgis Chamber of Commerce as the Office Coordinator. 

I went to school for marketing (more specifically with social media marketing) and have always wanted to further my career in that field. My long-term life/career goal is to be part of a company’s marketing team and/or run my own baked goods food trailer. My goals for my time here will include learning how community events are put together and how relationships with local businesses can help to improve the community. I am so excited for what new skills and experiences I’ll gain through working here. 

I know there will be plenty to learn about the different things the Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau does with the beautiful community of Sturgis. 

Some more things about me:

My family has always been very “nomadic” growing up because of my dad’s job, so I have lived in four states and over 20 houses by the time I graduated high school. My siblings and I enjoyed it though because we were able to experience living in different environments and see how life is lived outside of our own. I was born in Northwestern Washington State and after moving around Arizona and Nebraska, have now lived in the Black Hills for about seven years. 

In school I was always involved with the creative arts rather than sports. I loved (and still do) pottery, painting, competitive speech, and acting in theater. Now there is always some sort of in-progress craft sitting on my coffee table at home. 

After graduating from Custer High School, I went up to Black Hills State University in Spearfish. There I received my Social Media Marketing Certificate. Now I live with my partner, dog (Chopper), and three cats (Scuz, Sheeba, and Pippin) here in Sturgis. We love to go for drives through the canyon or take Chopper up into the woods for a walk. This time of year is especially our favorite because of the cooler weather and changing leaves. You’ll always catch me with some sort of pumpkin-y drink or buying an unnecessary amount of Halloween decor. That makes this the perfect timing for me to start working with the Sturgis Chamber: I can share my Fall/Halloween obsession with the great events the Chamber puts on!


Taylor Vandersys
Office Coordinator
Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau