Our Holiday Favorites!

Everyone has some favorite traditions, treats, and more great things that come with the holidays. We decided to ask our Chamber staff what their favorite things about the holidays were, here are their answers:



Kiara Poitra, Receptionist & Events Coordinator


“My top favorite thing about the holiday season would have to be the sweaters! I love the coziness of putting on an oversized sweater with my favorite pair of boots. 

Another thing I love about the holidays is the food. The amazing food comes around Thanksgiving, and doesn’t leave until after the new year! Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, ham, my dad’s famous cheese dip, pumpkin pie, and so many more that make my mouth water just thinking about. 

Put all material things aside, and my favorite thing about the holidays is the joy that being around friends and family brings to my heart. I am very lucky to have the best people surround me, and I live in a great community that makes my job amazing!”

Veronica Grosek, Executive Director


“There are so many great things that go hand in hand with the holidays. I would have to say one of my favorite things about this time of year is celebrating the holiday and community spirit! We have the best community spirit when it comes to Christmas. 

I have a tradition to buy a tree tag and go Christmas tree hunting with family every year. I love decorating the tree! 

Homemade hot cocoa is one of the best things that come from the holiday season. Sipping on my hot cocoa while making handmade Christmas cards really shines joy! 

I am SUPER excited to go skiing for the first time! I can only imagine what the winter scenery will be like from the ski lift. I bought my pass, and all of the skiing accessories….now to hit the slopes! 

Listening to the best Christmas music while dining on the most delicious food is one of my favorite things about the holidays. 

Donating to my favorite causes and finding the perfect presents for the people in my life really make Christmas one of my favorite times of year. Nothing is better than the gift of giving!”

Kat Mayberry, Membership Coordinator


“The holidays are my favorite time of year! There are so many great things to list. One of the best things about Christmas time is teaching my grandchildren the importance of shopping for a child from the Angel Tree before getting gifts for themselves. Finding the perfect gift for your special someone always makes the holiday season a little brighter! 

Another one of my favorite things about this time of year is singing along with classic Christmas songs on the radio while relaxing with a Hot Toddy in my hand as I admire my decorating skills.

Now that I work with the Chamber, I have attended some super fun holiday events. My favorite thing about those events is listening to the sound of all the children squeal with joy at the sight of Santa. I mean, HOW CUTE!! Even though the events are fun, I do really enjoy staying in on a Friday night watching Christmas movies with my honey - and yes….Die Hard is a Christmas Movie! 

The closer it gets to Christmas eve, the better the season gets. I love seeing all the Frango Chocolates under our tree while I enjoy Christmas Eve schnitzel and some delicious red wine. Once the wine is gone, the best thing is Christmas morning Stollen and some strong coffee...aka, recovery fuel from the previous evening! 

I saved the best for last...the best thing about the holidays is NOT getting a piece of exercise equipment or a vacuum as a gift!”


We wish everyone a very happy holiday season!! 


-Sturgis Area Chamber Staff