The Importance of Community Involvement as a High School Student

Author:  Matea Gordon, Summer Chamber Intern & Volunteer


I am currently a junior in high school at Sturgis Brown, and through my involvement in student council, Future Farmers of America (FFA), and Youth Leadership Team (YLT) I have learned that community involvement is very important.

Being active in the community, whether it is community service or volunteering, can help you grow many lifelong skills and knowledge. Skills gained can include leadership, public speaking, and community relationships. Sturgis is a small community that is very supportive, so it is important to get involved and help make the community better.

A great example of community involvement in the food drive held by the Sturgis Food Pantry, where many high school students come together to help collect food and donate their time to the community. Through this, students are making connections with community members which could lead to future opportunities in life.]

Getting involved in the community and helping others will have a positive impact on your life, their life, and the community. As a current high school student that is very involved in the community, I can say that the connections and skills I have gained from community service projects and volunteering in my community have helped to make me a better person. I encourage all high school students to get involved in their community because you will gain so many skills that you will use throughout your life!