Tips To Get You Through Spring Cleaning

Everyone has a moment where they decide to clean or organize or at least declutter a space in the spring. We have come to call this, spring cleaning! Some of us, however, have some cleaning projects that we take one look at them and turn the other way. I am going to give you a few tips on how to overcome that project that haunts your dreams! 


Remove the trash in that space

Usually, in a space that overwhelms us, there is inevitably some trash lurking that could be thrown away or recycled. And when I say trash, I don't mean anything that you have to decide if you want to keep or not. I am talking true trash. By removing the trash, you have now created some space for you to work in while doing the rest of the following steps!


Put like items together

It is usually ideal to move all of the items out of your space you want clean, but in an overwhelming situation, that is not usually the case. So, once you have removed all the trash out of the way, start placing like items together and start some piles! Some examples could be putting all the tools together, placing all of the kid's toys next to each other, gardening supplies, ext. (I recommend doing this with the next step)


Decide what needs to stay, and what needs to go!

While you are sorting everything into piles, start thinking about what you need to keep, and what definitely can be donated, given away, or thrown out. This is one of my favorite parts of this process! To help sort out anything that you think you need, but don't, think these things while holding/looking at it: 

  • Does this bring me joy?
  • Do I see myself using/needing this within 3 months from now?
  • Is this critical to keep and why?
  • Do I have more of this item?

After asking yourself these questions, you should be able to decide if the item in question is worth keeping or not! 


I hope this has helped you with your spring cleaning, 2021! Here is to a better year! 


Kiara Poitra

Receptionist & Events Coordinator

Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau