Top 5 Tips for Improving Business in Tourist Season

Happy Wednesday, Sturgis!

April is in full swing in Sturgis, which means we are enjoying the spring flowers and sunshine along with the occasional ferocious blizzard. This week the Chamber staff is hard at work planning a few upcoming events, including our Spring City-Wide Yard Sale and several Chamber Mixers that we’re really looking forward to!

As the weather continues to warm up, I want to give a few reminders of things local businesses can do to best market themselves in preparation for the summer tourist season:

  1. Shop Front Facelift – First and foremost, if you have a shop front in town this is the best time of year for a facelift to bring in foot traffic as the weather warms up! It doesn’t have to be a complete renovation – consider a few flower planters, some new eye-catching signage, or painting your store front a new color to remind people where you are!
  2. Local Referrals – While speaking with a new Chamber member today, I was reminded of the power of referrals for small businesses. Each time a tourist stops in your shop or gives you a call, try to point them in the direction of another great local business to visit while they’re here. Businesses will build strong relationships with each other and customers will be happier!
  3. Social Media – This is an ever-present way to market your business, and it can be easy to fall into a rut with the same weekly posts. Think outside the box and show some new, creative photos of your merchandise, start a contest, or simply feature your personal recommendations for things to do and places to go this summer to keep visitors interested! Searching online for new social media post ideas is a great way to start and break out of the same old routine.
  4. Print Advertising – Advertising has changed a lot over the past few years, but don’t forget about the power of print ads in newspapers, magazines, and other publications this summer! These ads often target a completely different demographic from social media, so it’s a great way to reach new customers. We have several Chamber Members that work in the advertising industry that offer special rates just for Sturgis businesses and other Chamber Members – just give me a call and I’d love to connect you!
  5. Radio Advertising – Just like print ads, radio has the power of reaching completely new markets for your advertising. If you run a non-profit business, did you know you can often get matching ad dollars through radio stations? Contact us anytime to find out which stations support Sturgis businesses and will give you the best bang for your advertising buck!

Spring is a time for re-thinking your business and trying new things! Make sure you take time over the coming weeks to think about where you’re at, where you hope to be, and what you can start doing to help you get there.


Veronica Grosek

Executive Director

Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau