Why Shop Local?

Good afternoon!

This week, I want to briefly reflect on the importance of shopping local. As your area Chamber of Commerce, it is our mission to support local business in all its forms. Each dollar you spend locally impacts not only the business you spend it at, but the entire community.

For example, that boutique down the street may have purchased their cleaning supplies locally, their office supplies, and used a local real estate agent to find their shop space.

Local businesses are also more inclined to support non-profit causes in the community! Part of each dollar you spend might be trickling down to arts organizations, housing programs, and healthcare options for those who need it.

Additionally, local businesses are where the local jobs are. Remember your first job? I do – it was as a lifeguard right here at the Sturgis Community Center! That learning experience is crafted right here in our community for every new generation of the workforce, every year.

In summary, your one dollar spent at the boutique down the street has an impact on our entire local economy and our way of life. In an age of online shopping convenience and two-day delivery, remember that there can be more rewards to spending your hard-earned dollars than simply receiving one product in the mail.


Veronica Grosek

Executive Director

Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau