Your 2021 Sturgis Spring Break Family Bucket List

Spring break isn't just for the kids! There are so many things that both you and your children will enjoy doing in Sturgis over spring break. Here are some things to help keep you from going stir-crazy this spring! 


1. Hike in the Black Hills.

The hiking trails aren't just pretty in the summertime. Spring break is the perfect time to see nature in all of its glory! Taking a walk as a family (or with friends) lets you see life's cycle in action. There are beautiful blooming flowers, baby animals, and so much more to see on any of the trails in the Sturgis Trail System


2. Have a picnic. 

Going for a nice afternoon out is another great way to get you and your loved ones out of the house this spring! The Black Hills National Forest has 26 picnicking areas, just for you!


3. Go to a museum.

The Black Hills have some great museums and monuments to choose from! The Black Hills are FILLED with history that the family will love!


4. Stargaze.

Stargazing is a fun activity that anyone can do. And the best part is, it's free and you can even do it in your backyard! 


5. Visit a local park. 

Any town in the Black Hills will have a park. Sturgis alone has 16 parks! 


Fill your spring break with things to do, so you don't get cabin fever!