So, you heard about that…


Yes, it's true!

The Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau alongside the Sturgis Art Festival committee is planning a rad expansion of the Sturgis Art Festival this year - a LEGENDARY Sturgis Battle of the Bands!

Here's the plan:

We are teaming up with some of the most prestigious regional names in business to bring a one-day Battle of the Bands festival the evening of Saturday, June 3rd in downtown Sturgis alongside the Sturgis Art Festival. Groups will perform from afternoon to evening for a shot at regional fame, great industry connections, and some awesome prizes.

This brand new multi-genre competition welcomes groups from large to small, old to young, and heavy to mellow for a competitive line-up like no other. Who wouldn't want to be hailed as the Battle of the Bands Champion of legendary Sturgis, SD!

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Why is the Chamber of Commerce doing this, anyway?

You're right, not many people would expect a Chamber to put on a Battle of the Bands, but our Chamber is a little more rock 'n roll than most - our team energy, support from businesses, and of course the Sturgis namesake beg the question, "why wouldn't we host a Battle of the Bands?!" Our Chamber is well-known to think best outside the box, and we play to our strengths.

The fancy professional answer is this event will have a regional (and even multi-state) appeal to bring musical groups and their families to our community. The Visitors Bureau side of our operations aims to fill hotel rooms for the night, generate more audience and demographic variety for our existing Sturgis Art Festival, and generate visitor shopping and dining revenue for our Sturgis area businesses.

Not to mention, the Sturgis Art Festival continues to grow each year, and this new addition will help it evolve into a multi-medium art experience encompassing visual art, crafts, music, and more.

How you can help:

We already have some great businesses supporting the cause, but we are looking for more financial sponsors to help make our grand prizes possible for the competitors.

If you like to keep it grunge and if a Battle of the Bands is right up your alley, check out our Sponsor Form below and contact our office. We are going ABOVE and BEYOND to recognize our sponsors for this first-time event!

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